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Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Science of Yoga, Pilates, & Ballet: Suggested Activities

The science book series Stretch, Hold, Move, & Leap! The Science of Yoga, Pilates, & Ballet Volumes 1, 2, & 3 by M. Schottenbauer, Ph.D., contain a treasure-chest of graphs filled with physics and biophysics variables. The following are a small sample of the many questions which can be explored in this series of books!

Activity Questions for Volume 1: Force & Acceleration!
  • What does a flat step on a force plate look like? (Find the answer on page 27!) What about stepping on toe? (Answer on page 30!) What is the difference between these two motions?
  • During Pilates arm circles, does anything happen to the feet? (Find the answer on page 22!)
  • Describe the forces and reactions involved in toe lifts, first from the perspective of the mover, then from the perspective of a force plate underneath the feet. (Find the answer in the graph above!)

Activity Questions for Volume 2: Biophysics!
  • What are the effects of spinal twists on blood pressure and pulse? (Find the answer on page 88!) 
  • In order to lower blood pressure immediately, is it better to do a partial inversion with legs raised, or 15 minutes of aerobic exercise? (Answer on pages 88-90!)
  • Compare the flow rate and volume of normal breathing with slow and fast yoga breathing (pranayama), respectively. (Answers on pages 80-83!)

Activity Questions for Volume 3: Plots of Motion!
  • Do Pilates arm circles look different in an x-y plot when graphed from the front view, when compared to arm circles graphed from the side view? (Answer on page 10-11!)

  • The Science of Yoga, Pilates, & Ballet
    • Volume 1: Force & Acceleration
    • Volume 2: Biophysics
    • Volume 3: Video Analysis

Anthologies of 28 Graphs
    • The Science of Yoga
    • The Science of Dance & Ballet

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